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I am glad you found J Daisuki Shop and hope you enjoy our wide selection of Japanese pens and stationery!


I moved from Fukuoka, Japan, to Vancouver in 2009. While I was studying English at Vancouver Community College, I missed the beautiful stationery, pens and pencils I had back at home. I started importing the products that I missed, and decided to open J Daisuki Shop so other college students could have easy access to the most popular Japanese stationery products, too.



We import 100% of our merchandise from Japan, and offer everything from pens, pencils and markers to erasers, staplers, scissors and more. We only import the finest Japanese writing products from the highest-quality brands, such as Uni Mitsubishi, Tombow, Pilot and Sakura.



Our goal is to make beautiful Japanese writing products easily accessible to you, so if there is something you’d like but don’t see on our site, please let us know. We offer free shipping to University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU) students, teachers and staff on orders of $10 or more. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and check back often for information about new products and special offers on our blog.


We hope our products add color to your lives!


- Runa 


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